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Wholesale Accounts

Gummow Manufacturing offers Wholesale accounts to legitimate businesses World Wide.   A Wholesale account from Gummow Manufacturing lets you purchase our inventory at greatly reduced prices using our website.  Wholesale accounts have a minimum purchase order of $200.

Making a Wholesale Account  at is a 2 step process.

1.  In order to obtain a wholesale account from, you must 1st have an account on the website.  You can create an account here.

2.  Once an account is setup, you need to be validated by our staff as a legitimate wholesale business.  To do that please contact us through the website or call 1-800-537-2502 and give us 1) your email address used to sign up and 2) your business name address and telephone number.  You can also fax your business information along with your login ID (your email address used to sign up) to 480-829-0260.  Gummow Manufacturing reserves the right at its discretion to deny any account from achieving wholesale status.

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